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Pleasantly Plump

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Hi, this is twirlirific and I'm the moderator of this community. I began this one night when I was searching for a community of overweight people and could not actually find any that were very active or supportive. What really disturbed me were the few communities I came across dedicated to "beautiful fat people". Often they were plain cruel to people who they didn't find fit their standard of overweight beauty. I feel that is extremely hypocritical and mean. So, here we are. :) I don't want any of that here. I want to meet people that have had similar experiences as I have and I want others to share and grow and heal here emotionally. There's more to all of us than what we look like, much more. :)

Purpose: Feel welcome here. Completely, entirely welcome. Here you don't have to worry that someone is going to judge you because of your size. I hope that you make friends here and that you feel accepted in a way you've never experienced before and that you help others to feel the same way. :)


1. Post all pictures behind an lj-cut. No pictures beyond a PG-13 rating are permitted (in other words, no naked breasts, butts or genitals, and nothing sexually explicit).

2. Do not criticize another members' physical appearance. Every person is flawed and also beautiful in their own way. However, to point out another person's physical flaw is a far uglier thing than any physical imperfection there could possibly be. I promise you that we are all far more aware of our own imperfections than any one else could make us.

3. Do not use the word that begins with an 'f' and has four letters and ends with a 'k', or any other word that includes the same letters in the same order. That word offends me. I don't want to see it. I'll be more lenient with other foul language, but if everyone is kind and considerate toward everyone else, I don't see why I will need to be lenient or not.

4. Do not post an entry just to advertise a community or an item you are selling. You may include these only in a post that includes legitimate content aside from it.

5. All entries are moderated, but membership is open.

6. Breaking any of these rules will get you a warning once and a ban the second time.

7. Please make an introduction post telling us why you're here and a little bit about you. :)

Buttons: Please include a button and a link on your userinfo or webpage. If you have to, you can hotlink my button. But if you have your own image storage space, please use that instead.